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About us
Company Overview
Yunsheng Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in deep hole tool manufacturing and large and complex deep hole machining. Since 2006, we have established a firm foothold in the domestic market, and have won many customers in Southeast Asia, the United States and other places. The company has also introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment to create a scientific research team that pursues excellence and continuous innovation, dedicated to Research and development, production and actual programming solutions for tool use in deep hole machining to improve the machining efficiency and service life of the tool. We also import raw materials such as tungsten carbide tips and rods from Germany, which are mainly used for brazing single edge gun drills, brazing double edge gun drills, solid carbide gun drills, convertible (clamp) gun drills, inner row deep hole drills Special tools for deep hole machining and accessories for deep hole machining can widely meet the needs of different customers. Due to the complexity of large-scale deep hole machining, we are also equipped with a strong after-sales service team to provide one-stop service for deep hole tool machining solutions. We pursue the goal of excellence and hope to maintain close cooperation with machining centers all over the world..